NZQA Monitoring Visit
ICL Graduate Business School NZQA
On 5th May 2017, NZQA conducted a visit as part of their mission to monitor all level 7 diplomas. We had an excellent result, with no requirements and some modest and very fair recommendations.
NZQA has not monitored level 7 programmes up to now and we and they know there are some poor-quality programmes being taught by providers especially in Auckland.  Over the last few months they have monitored over 40 programmes and a very large proportion have been found lacking, especially in English language entry and assessment levels.  With all monitored programmes to date, before ICL’s, NZQA took away 50 assessments for moderation.  ICL’s was the first instance of this not being required, as the monitors could see clearly that we were assessing at the right level.
This was a tremendous team effort.  Our Academic Manager was congratulated on the excellent documentation, our student welfare and support providers were congratulated on their service.  Students and our advisory board spoke well of us.  The three lecturers currently involved have taught the Diploma in Computing almost exclusively for years, two of them actually for almost ten years.  By far the most important criterion is assessing at the right level, and we are clearly achieving that.  Over 90% of our students have graduated, and our graduates have found jobs.

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