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We believe in success. Whether you are studying Business, Computing, Early Childhood Education or English, we are committed to your success. Our students pass; our students get jobs; our students progress to higher education; and very importantly, our students enjoy their time at ICL Graduate Business School, Auckland English Academy, Bridge International College and New Horizon College!

Education changes as fast as the world does, and when you select your study destination it is important to find innovation as well as a tradition of quality. In New Zealand you will find both: an excellent, British-based academic heritage, with universities over 100 years old, and a dynamic, modern education system constantly adapting to the changes and growth in our multi-cultral society. And at ICL, within this traditional yet dynamic environment, we offer the perfect combination of private sector service standards, and the academic guarantee of qualifications owned or approved by New Zealand Government.

Our missions include helping you “develop learner autonomy”; at ICL, you take ownership of your education. Your teachers guide you, with enthusiasm and professional skills. in the direction of your leaning objectives, but you must do the work, both in class and through self-study. Think of your teacher as the conductor and your class as the orchestra. The conductor directs you, but you and your classmates make the music!


ICL Education Group

Ewen Mackenzie-Bowie



ICL Education Group is a unique international education provider incorporating language schools founded almost thirty years ago, and a graduate business school providing programmes up to Master’s level, including the only Master of Business Informatics in New Zealand. ICL Education Group also delivers the largest IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination preparation programme in the country. The Group comprises ICL Graduate Business School, Auckland English Academy, Bridge International College and in Napier, New Horizon College. The Group aggregates about 1,000 EFTS (Equivalent Full-Time Students) per annum.

ICL offers a range of tertiary Business, Computing, English, TESOL and Early Childhood Education programmes, up to level 9 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. The schools are mostly comprised of international students, from over 30 different countries.

ICL graduates have guaranteed pathways to universities in New Zealand and Australia with credit transfer, and most qualify for a study-to-work visa and points for subsequent migration. Our Early Childhood Education programme has TEC funding from the government for domestic students.

Auckland English Academy, Bridge International College and New Horizon College are all NZQA Category 1 schools and members of English New Zealand.


Our Staff
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Director of Studies - Bridge & AEA
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Marketing Manager, Subcontinent & Fiji
Our Philosophy

Our Motto

Our Latin motto means “Through determination I excel”. ICL has a commitment to academic excellence which we expect our students to share.



To help learners achieve their educational goals and develop learner autonomy by providing high quality educational programmes within a motivating, guided and healthy learning environment.



ICL will:

  •  deliver quality programmes through a commitment to academic excellence;
  •  with integrity of moral principle and professional standards;
  •  acting with collegiality, respecting staff, students and other stakeholders;
  •  reacting with versatility and accommodation to stakeholders’ service requests; and
  •  with a view to providing sustainability and a return on investment to its shareholders.



ICL will commit itself to academic excellence in all its programmes. The school will aim to deliver quality education, focused on the pursuit of learner autonomy, through the selection of highly-trained, motivating professionals and first-class learning resources.



ICL will ensure that all College staff operate with integrity of moral principle and the highest standards of professional ethics with respect to programme delivery, assessment and appeal.



ICL will ensure that students, staff and other stakeholders are treated with respect, honour and equality, within the principles of natural justice and within the context of the Treaty of Waitangi.



ICL will ensure that requests and enquiries from stakeholders are dealt with promptly, pleasantly and flexibly, according to best practice service standards, in order to render a high level of customer satisfaction.



ICL will operate within a stable financial environment by increasing the shareholders’ return on investment, so that continued reinvestment is enabled and the College’s position in the marketplace is secured.

Quality Assurance

NZQAAll our schools are approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), meaning that NZQA is confident in the educational performance of our schools. In order to become a member, schools are audited to a strict criteria which must be met above and beyond NZQA requirements. Being recognised as a member signifies quality standards across: staff qualifications, curriculum and assessment, facilities, student support, student recruitment and management.



“The New Zealand Qualifications Authority ensures that New Zealand qualifications are valued as credible and robust, both nationally and internationally.

“NZQA is accountable for:

  • managing the New Zealand Qualifications Framework,
  • administering the secondary school assessment system,
  • independent quality assurance of non-university education providers,
  • qualifications recognition,
  • standard setting for some specified unit standards, and
  • the development of qualifications in specific fields.”



All our English schools are members of English New Zealand. English New Zealand is an organization who represent an exclusive group of New Zealand’s most favourable English schools. Currently, 26 top English language schools in New Zealand, including Auckalnd English Academy, Bridge International College and New Horizon College, are represented by English NZ.